Structural Steel

structural elements required for construction

In the infrastructure, construction, and engineering sectors, structural steel products are the backbone of many projects. 

We manufacture and install a wide range of structural steel from our Whakatane base, including universal beams, universal columns, purlins, and channels. These are manufactured from mild steel and cold formed in plain and lipped configurations. We also offer an indent services for welded beams, welded columns, H-bearing piles, and structural sections.

Manufactured to the exacting specifications of your certified structural engineers plans – our structural steel service includes the manufacture, transport and on-site installation. Our dedicated crane truck makes delivery of your structural steel a straight forward task and our team are WorkSafe trained for installation requirements.

Universal beams, columns
and mild steel channels

Whether you’re reinforcing, renovating or building from scratch, we have the structural steel products you’ll need for the job. The standard items we keep in stock include: 

  • 6m
  • 7.5m
  • 9m
  • 10.5m
  • 12m
  • 13.5m
  • 15m
  • 16.5m
  • 18m

We also offer a cutting service for shorter lengths if needed.

All mild steel structural steel products are produced and supplied in accordance with AS3679-300 (Grade 300 Seismic). Other grade specifications are available upon request.

All cold-formed channels are manufactured and provided in accordance with AS 1594-HA250.


From garden sheds to automotive garages, milking sheds to warehouses, metal purlins offer superior strength and quick assembly. We stock a range of DHS (Hi-Span) Purlins and Top Notch (Top Hat) purlins for your convenience. 

DHS Purlins (hi-span)

Our purlins are offered in 12 sizes ranging from DHS 150/12 to DHS 400/20 to accommodate commercial applications with spans ranging from 5m to 18m. Hi-Span purlins and girts are delivered complete with brace channels, ready for site assembly, ensuring a quick installation.

Top Notch (Top hat)

Top Notch purlins are small, light, and simple to install. They are suitable for numerous small-spanning applications from 2m to 7m. Top Notch purlins are available in a variety of diameters ranging from 60mm to 150mm in depth and can be quickly screwed to supports without the use of purlin bracing or cleats.