General Engineering & Fabrication

Engineering & Sheet Metal 

With a team of expert fabricators and our well-equipped factory, Apex Metal Services can undertake any fabrication project. From IP-rated electrical cabinets, through to structural steel and installation – we do it all.

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Precision Engineering

With CNC Water Jet Technology

Using highly pressurised water, our CNC Water Jet can cut through metal of all thicknesses with incomparable precision. With accuracy down to 0.001″, or 0.025mm, we have the capability to engineer metal to your exact specifications.

Fabricated products

Field cabinets and tool boxes

As well as our custom engineering and fabrication services, Apex Metal Services also specialises in the manufacture of field boxes and toolboxes. These two products are requested so regularly that we’ve collated everything you need to know into one place.


From general engineering to complex fabrications, our workshop is fully-equipped to tackle any task.


Our highly experienced team are adept at all types of welding, including MIG, TIG and ARC applications.

CAD Design

Using advanced computing technology, we can develop drawings designed to meet your exact specifications.

Precision Cutting

We offer CNC water jet cutting which producing exceptionally precise results.

Quality Materials

A wide range of materials are stocked in our dedicated warehouse, from .5mm through to 32mm metal products.

fully accredited

We hold Health & Safety accreditations for on-site installation, including SHE PreQual and PreQual cerficiations.


Don’t settle for ‘close enough’. For projects that require custom metalwork, we fabricate to order.

On-site service

We can provide on-site services at your farm, hoe or business that include delivery, installation and on-site welding.